Jeff Gish
Jeff Gish

1963 - 2015

Photo by No Nickname Man - 1/13/1999 - © 1999 -

Gentle Giant
Jeffery Lee Gish

October 16, 1963 - October 27, 2015

We first knew Jeff Gish when he was the producer of the KLBJ-FM Morning Show in Austin, Texas. He had acquired the nickname "Yetti" on the radio show, a name derived from "Yeti", the word used by the native people of the Himalayan Mountains for the elusive, larger-than-life "abominable snowman". Just like the towering mythical snowman, Jeff Gish was indeed a very large specimen. But he was far from abominable. Those who knew him knew that his heart was even bigger than his physical stature. He really was a Gentle Giant.

Jeff Gish excelled as the producer of the KLBJ-FM Morning Show, which gained popularity with each successive year. His talent, energy, humor and drive resulted in high ratings and critical acclaim. Eventually Jeff felt that he had to turn onto another path. He left KLBJ-FM and began a journey of spiritual renewal, dedicating his life to a newfound belief in something even bigger than himself.

Hopefully this photo collection will show the true, friendly spirit of a very gentle man.

The following photos are from Jeff Gish's days as producer of the KLBJ-FM Morning Show, featuring Dale Dudley, Bob Fonseca and Debra Cole. Some of the photos have previously been featured on Other photos have never been seen online before. With one exception, each photo was taken with a 35-millimeter film camera. Each individual film negative was scanned into a very high-resolution digital format especially for this photo collection, and then adjusted to dimensions suitable for these web pages.

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