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All 20 questions must be answered and at least 15 correct answers are required to receive a list of all of the correct answers

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1. The William P. Clemens state office building sits there now, but once there was a tiny
    Italian restaurant on the northwest corner of the intersection of 15th Street and
    Lavaca Street. What was the name of the restaurant?

a. The Red Tomato
b. Ricco's
c. Aroma d'Italia
d. Angela's

2. I used to dance at what is now the Yellow Rose. What was it called then?

a. The North Forty

b. Eli's Club
c. Houston's
d. Dallas Highway Club

3. The old KLRU-TV building at Guadalupe and 26th Street (now Dean Keeton) used to be a
    different color. What color was it?

a. Orange and white
b. Black
c. Rust
d. Burnt Orange

4. Antone's, was once located near 30th Street and Guadalupe, but before it was Antone's
    it was something else and I used to sing along there. What was the place called then?

a. Sco-Pro Lounge
b. Bonanza Steakhouse
c. Shakey's Pizza
d. Trudy's

5. What was the original name of Mr. Gatti's pizza restaurant chain?

a. The Pizza Place
b. Pizza and Stuff
c. Mario's Flying Pizza
d. Cactus Pizza

6. What date did Highland Mall open?

a. January 2, 1972
b. August 4, 1971
c. November 24, 1970
d. July 4, 1976

7. What was the frequency of KARMA, or KRMH-FM, Austin's first FM rock music station?

a. 101.1 MHz
b. 93.3 MHz
c. 103.7 MHz
d. 107.1 MHz

8. What was the address of the Armadillo World Headquarters?

a. 100 East Riverside Dr.
b. 101 South First Street
c. 202 Barton Springs Road
d. 525-1/2 Barton Springs Road

9. In the early 1970's I ate my first Tex-Mex enchilada at a restaurant on the I-35 south
    access road between 5th and 6th Streets. There is a hotel at that same location now.
    What was the name of the restaurant that used to be there?

a. El Matamoros
b. Matt's El Rancho
c. La Sombrero Rosa
d. Serrano's

10. It's Mercedes-Benz of Austin now on Airport Boulevard, but there used to be
      something completely different at that location. What was located there?

a. Dell Computer
b. Fox Movie Theater
c. Highland Baptist Church

11. What establishment previously occupied the property where Threadgill's World Headquarters
      (south) operated from 1996 to 2018?

a. Shenanigan's Restaurant
b. Armadillo World Headquarters
c. Pelican's Wharf
d. Marimont Cafeteria

12. What night did the Armadillo World Headquarters close its doors for good?

a. Dec. 31, 1980
b. Jan. 31, 1978
c. Sep. 4, 1984
d. Dec. 23, 1980

13. It is The Line Hotel now at Congress Avenue and 111 East Cesar Chavez (1st Street).
      What was it before?

a. Sheraton Crest Hotel
b. Hotel Colorado
c. Steven F. Austin Hotel
d. Capitol Hotel

14. What business was the original tenant of the building that was once the Dell Computer
      Factory Outlet at Research Blvd. and Peyton Gin Road?

a. Sage Department Store
b. Handy Dan's
c. K-Mart
d. Tom Thumb Grocery

15. What familiar dining establishment was one of the original restaurants in Highland Mall?
      It was located on the lower level near the main entrance.

a. Luby's Cafeteria
b. Furr's Cafeteria
c. McDonald's
d. Chelsea Street Pub

16. How many nachos came in an order of the famous Armadillo World Headquarters nachos?

a. As many as could be piled onto an 8-inch paper plate
b. 25
c. 3
d. 10

17. Who was the headline act at the huge rock concert held in Memorial Stadium on the
      University of Texas campus in the early 1970's?

a. ZZ Top
b. Pink Floyd
c. Willie Nelson
d. Fleetwood Mac

18. Which former Major League Baseball player and manager was born in Austin?

a. Art Howe
b. Frank Robinson
c. Don Baylor
d. Larry Dierker

19. What was the name of the south Austin drive-in movie theater that showed only
      adult movies?

a. Burleson Drive-In
b. Rebel Drive-In
c. Montopolis 21 Theater
d. Interstate Drive-In

20. Who was "Freda" of the 1970's local band, Freda and the Firedogs?

a. Dee Moeller
b. Angela Strehli
c. Lou Ann Barton
d. Marcia Ball

All 20 questions must be answered and at least 15 correct answers are required to receive a list of all of the correct answers.
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